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Elevate your investment strategy with Geo Fix Indonesia's Project Due Diligence services. Our specialized approach offers meticulous examination of exploration and mining investments, covering financial, legal, market, operational, and technical assessments, specifically in geology and mining aspects. Gain strategic insights and unparalleled confidence with Geo Fix, transforming potential into success. Entrust your due diligence to us and secure a prosperous future for your ventures.

Geo Fix Indonesia specialize in applying industry-leading practices in field-oriented geoscience and advanced technology-driven exploration. Committed to providing high-quality end-to-end exploration services, we specialize in identifying new project opportunities, delineating precise drill targets, and pursuing the discovery of mineable ore deposits. With Geo Fix, you access reliable expertise in transforming exploration initiatives into tangible, valuable assets.

Geo Fix Indonesia provides specialized Mine Geology & Brownfield Exploration services aimed at optimizing production for your company. Our offerings include comprehensive and efficient pit mapping & grade control, implementation of stockpile management best practices, improvement of resource block models for production reconciliation, and identification of near-mine upside exploration targets.

Our experts are qualified people, well-versed in both national and international mineral resource and reserve reporting codes. We apply proven, latest estimation concepts to maximize the value of your company's resources. Our team has a robust understanding of ore deposit geology concepts and mastery of advanced geostatistical principles, supporting your project from exploration to feasibility study and optimizing your mine operation.

Unlock the full potential of your mining operations with our integrated metallurgy and geometallurgy consulting services. Geometallurgy, a cross-disciplinary approach merging geology, metallurgy, and mine planning, enhances resource economics and optimizes profitability. Our team applies scientific discipline to co-analyze geological, mining, and processing data, maximizing resource value and elevating your company's mining operations to unprecedented levels of success.

Geo Fix Indonesia provides affordable, high-precision aerial lidar survey-mapping drones and solutions. Our offerings include smart, powerful DJI Matrice 600 drones equipped with Velodyne Puck Lidar sensor, the highest-value sensor on the market, and GNSS receiver connected with modified and calibrated cameras. This setup ensures high-precision surveying, accurate mapping, and photogrammetry data with up to 3 cm accuracy in XYZ, including orthophoto plans, digital elevation models, and terrain models. Additionally, we offer topographic and geodetic services utilizing Ground Control Points (GCP) and various sensor mappings such as Geophysics Magnetic, GPR, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and thermal sensors.

Embark on your exploration and mining ventures with confidence, guided by Geo Fix Indonesia's premier project management services. From initial exploration to full-scale mining operations, our expert team oversees every aspect of your project with precision and dedication. With a focus on optimizing resource discovery and maximizing operational efficiency, we ensure seamless execution and timely delivery at every stage. Partner with Geo Fix Indonesia for comprehensive exploration project and mining management solutions, and unlock the full potential of your mining endeavours.

We have engineered advanced algorithms through collaborative discussions and inputs from our economic geology and mining experts. Utilizing AI technology such as machine learning, we enhance the capabilities of our algorithms to handle complexity. Our specialized AI solution is designed to adapt to data and logic for exploration target generation, meeting the expectations of experienced geologists with extensive expertise in framework studies and exploration program generation.

We collaborate closely among our software engineers, geoscientists, and mine engineers to develop integrated digital exploration and mining platforms. With a foundation in geological and mining principles, we strive to create applied technology that accelerates the exploration and mining processes, offering faster, more reliable, and targeted solutions. By leveraging big data across the mining lifecycle, from exploration to operation, we enable multi-purpose connectivity, driving the evolution of the mining ecosystem into Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Diverse Professional Experiences

GeoFix's team comprises professionals with diverse expertise across various commodities, proficient in assessing projects at all stages of development

Unlocking Your Asset's Potential

GeoFix's comprehensive services ensure the enhancement of your assets through a continuous cycle of Explore, Discover, Development, and Repeat.

We are committed to pioneering and integrating state-of-the-art technology platforms and ecosystems in the mining sector.


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